It's Your Time: Find Your Career

Career development experts, employers, and alums present useful information and tips on navigating career fairs for a successful future.


Jack RaymanJack Rayman
Director of Career Services and Affiliate Professor of Counseling Psychology and Education at Penn State

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How to Tie a TieHow to Tie a Tie
Wardrobe is critical in making a good first impression at a career fair. Expert, Jack Rayman shows you how to tie a full windsor knot.
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About the Series

Experts examine the state of the current job market, identify majors with the best prospects for employment growth in the near future and offer suggestions -- some out of the ordinary -- for students and grads to gain ground in their career paths. They also review recommended steps for students to take during each year of college to make sure they are staying focused on their career goals, from the first-year "fresh start" emphasizing academic focus and career exploration through a "bucket list" of the most important actions for graduating seniors. Career fair and interviewing tips are also featured.

About the Host

Marie HardinMarie Hardin, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and Associate Director of the Curley Center for Sports Journalism, teaches classes that focus on sports and society at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Her research concentrates on diversity, ethics and professional practices in mediated sports. Her work has been published in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Sociology of Sport Journal, Sex Roles, Newspaper Research Journal, Mass Communication & Society, Journalism, Journal of Sports Management and The Howard Journal of Communications, among others.

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